Calary Small Whiteboard Dry Erasers – The Perfect Tool for Teachers and Students

Calary Small Whiteboard Dry Erasers – The Perfect Tool for Teachers and Students

Are you tired of struggling to erase your whiteboard after every lesson? Look no further! Introducing the Calary Small Whiteboard Dry Erasers, the ultimate solution for all your erasing needs. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or working professional, these magnetic erasers are a must-have tool for your whiteboard.

Why Choose Calary Small Whiteboard Dry Erasers?

1. Magnetic Design: Our erasers are equipped with strong magnets, allowing them to stick to any magnetic whiteboard surface. Say goodbye to misplaced erasers!

2. Efficient Erasing: The high-quality felt material ensures a smooth and effortless erasing experience. No more scrubbing or residue left behind.

3. Compact Size: The small size of these erasers makes them easy to handle and store. They fit perfectly in your hand, providing maximum control and precision.

4. Random Color Variety: Each pack contains a mix of vibrant colors, adding a fun and playful touch to your whiteboard. Let your creativity shine!

Available Options

Choose from our two convenient pack sizes:

24 Pack

  • Perfect for small classrooms or personal use
  • Enough erasers for each student to have their own
  • Great value for money

36 Pack

  • Ideal for larger classrooms or office settings
  • Ensure every whiteboard is equipped with an eraser
  • Extra erasers for backup or sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these erasers suitable for all types of whiteboards?

A: Yes, our erasers are designed to work on all types of whiteboards, including melamine, porcelain, and glass.

Q: Can I wash the erasers if they get dirty?

A: Yes, you can hand wash the erasers with mild soap and water. Allow them to air dry before using them again.

Q: How long do these erasers last?

A: With proper care and usage, our erasers can last for several months. However, it is recommended to replace them when the felt becomes worn out.


The Calary Small Whiteboard Dry Erasers are the perfect companion for teachers, students, and professionals alike. Their magnetic design, efficient erasing capabilities, and compact size make them a must-have tool for any whiteboard user. Choose from our 24 pack or 36 pack options and experience the convenience and quality of Calary erasers. Say goodbye to messy whiteboards and hello to a clean and organized learning or working environment!