EHDIS Vinyl Squeegee Buffer Tape Squeegee Fabric Felt

EHDIS Vinyl Squeegee Buffer Tape Squeegee Fabric Felt

Are you tired of scratches and marks on your vinyl film during application? Look no further than the EHDIS Vinyl Squeegee Buffer Tape Squeegee Fabric Felt. This innovative product is designed to provide a non-scratch surface for your squeegee, ensuring a smooth and flawless application every time.

Product Details

Model: A88CUT

Product: Squeegee wrap felt

Size: Main side: 4-inch, 2 sides: 0.5-inch; wide:1.2-inch

Color: Red

Material: Microfabric, EVA sponge

Application: vinyl 4-inch squeegee edge wrap felt


  • Microfabric felt size is absolutely suitable for the 4-inch squeegee.
  • Strong glue on the fabric. Anti-scratch very well.
  • EVA mid layer, super soft and smooth.


Each pack includes 20 pieces of self-adhesive squeegee felt, making it easy to replace and ensuring you always have a fresh, non-scratch surface for your vinyl application tools.


  • Easy to replace
  • Non-scratch surface
  • Universal size for 4-inch squeegees
  • Protects vinyl film from scratches and marks

Common Questions

How do I replace the squeegee felt?

Simply peel off the old felt and smoothly stick on a new one. It’s that easy!

Will this felt fit my 4-inch squeegee?

Yes, the universal size of the felt makes it suitable for most 4-inch squeegees.

Can I use this felt for window film and paint protection film?

Absolutely! This felt is useful for a variety of applications, including window film, paint protection film, decals, and wrap film.


The EHDIS Vinyl Squeegee Buffer Tape Squeegee Fabric Felt is a must-have for anyone working with vinyl application tools. Its non-scratch surface and easy replacement make it a convenient and effective solution for protecting your vinyl film from scratches and marks. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to flawless applications with this innovative product.