Haircare by Rahua Voluminous Conditioner 275ml

The Power of Rahua Oil: Unveiling Nature’s Restorative Ingredients

The story of Rahua Beauty started thousands of years ago in the rainforest, where the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe discovered the beautifying properties of Rahua oil. Introduced to the modern world in the 1990s, today the brand Rahua Beauty will transport you to a place that is unchanged and untouched, unveiling its abundance of restorative ingredients that will connect you to Mother Nature.

Enhance Your Hair with Voluminous Conditioner

This Voluminous Conditioner by Rahua Beauty has a super gentle formula that works hard to create body and bounce. It complements the Voluminous Shampoo to soften and enhance hair, leaving it super silky and full of body. The weightless conditioning provided by this conditioner ensures that your hair feels light and manageable.

Not only does the Rahua Voluminous Conditioner transform your hair, but it also relaxes your senses with a fresh aroma of Lavender and Eucalyptus. The natural fragrance adds an aromatherapeutic experience to your haircare routine.

Key Ingredients for Healthy Hair

  • Rahua-Ungurahua: This powerful ingredient fortifies weak and damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Lemongrass & Green Tea: These ingredients create body, volume, and bounce by balancing and removing excess oils from the hair shaft without compromising its integrity.
  • Lavender & Eucalyptus: These natural extracts provide an aromatherapeutic experience, soothing your senses while nourishing your hair.
  • Quinoa: As a gluten-free superfood, quinoa revitalizes hair and promotes healing and moisture retention.
Commitment to Sustainability

All Rahua products are vegan, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. By choosing Rahua Beauty, you are not only taking care of your hair but also supporting indigenous economies and the preservation of the rainforest and the indigenous people that live there.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the Rahua Voluminous Conditioner suitable for all hair types? Yes, this conditioner is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair.
  2. How long should I leave the conditioner in my hair? After shampooing, leave the conditioner in for 3 minutes before rinsing.
  3. Does the conditioner have a strong scent? The conditioner has a fresh aroma of Lavender and Eucalyptus, providing a pleasant and relaxing experience.
  4. Are Rahua products environmentally friendly? Yes, Rahua products are vegan, organic, and support indigenous economies. The brand is dedicated to the preservation of the rainforest and the indigenous people that live there.


Experience the transformative power of Rahua oil with Rahua Beauty’s Voluminous Conditioner. This gentle formula creates body and bounce while providing weightless conditioning. With its natural ingredients and commitment to sustainability, Rahua Beauty connects you to Mother Nature and supports the preservation of the rainforest and indigenous communities.