IndianStore4All Tulsi Neck Mala (Necklaces) – Product Description

IndianStore4All Tulsi Neck Mala (Necklaces)

Introducing the IndianStore4All Tulsi Neck Mala (Necklaces) – a stunning piece of jewelry that combines elegance with spiritual significance. Made with 2 mm approx beads of Ram Mala, this neck mala is a must-have accessory for anyone seeking a touch of tradition and style.


1. Authentic Tulsi Beads

The IndianStore4All Tulsi Neck Mala is crafted using authentic Tulsi beads. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, holds immense spiritual significance in Hinduism. Wearing Tulsi beads is believed to bring good luck, protection, and positive energy.

2. Handcrafted with Precision

Each bead in the Tulsi Neck Mala is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. The attention to detail and precision in the craftsmanship ensure a high-quality product that is both durable and visually appealing.

3. Versatile Design

The 2 mm approx beads of the Ram Mala are strung together in a classic design that can be worn with various outfits and for different occasions. Whether you’re attending a religious ceremony or a social gathering, this neck mala adds a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can men wear the Tulsi Neck Mala?

A: Absolutely! The Tulsi Neck Mala is suitable for both men and women. It is a unisex accessory that can be worn by anyone who appreciates its beauty and spiritual significance.

Q: How long is the Tulsi Neck Mala?

A: The Tulsi Neck Mala measures approximately [insert length] and can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes. It comes with a secure clasp that ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

Q: How should I care for my Tulsi Neck Mala?

A: To maintain the beauty and longevity of your Tulsi Neck Mala, it is recommended to keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture. Clean it gently with a soft cloth and store it in a jewelry box when not in use.


The IndianStore4All Tulsi Neck Mala (Necklaces) is a timeless piece of jewelry that combines style with spiritual significance. With its authentic Tulsi beads, handcrafted design, and versatile appeal, this neck mala is a perfect addition to your collection. Embrace tradition and elegance with the IndianStore4All Tulsi Neck Mala.