No Smoking Road Sign 600 x 450mm – Street Solutions UK

No Smoking Road Sign 600 x 450mm

Are you in need of a durable and effective no smoking road sign? Look no further than the 600 x 450mm sign from Street Solutions UK. Our signs are designed to clearly communicate a no smoking policy in outdoor areas, ensuring the safety and comfort of all individuals in the vicinity.

Features of Our No Smoking Road Sign

Durable Materials

Our no smoking road sign is made from high-quality aluminum, ensuring that it can withstand various weather conditions without fading or deteriorating.

Clear and Bold Design

The 600 x 450mm size of the sign allows for clear visibility from a distance, and the bold “No Smoking” message is easily recognizable.

Easy Installation

With pre-drilled holes, our sign can be easily mounted onto posts, fences, or walls, making installation a quick and hassle-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this sign suitable for indoor use?

While designed for outdoor use, the durability and clear design of our sign also make it suitable for indoor environments.

Can the sign be customized with our company logo?

Yes, we offer customization options to include your company logo or specific messaging. Contact us for more information on customization.


When it comes to promoting a no smoking policy in outdoor areas, the 600 x 450mm road sign from Street Solutions UK is the ideal solution. With its durable materials, clear design, and easy installation, this sign effectively communicates the message of no smoking, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for all.