R&F Encaustic Medium Bagged 5Lb

R&F Encaustic Medium Bagged 5Lb

Are you an encaustic painter looking for a reliable and versatile medium? Look no further than the R&F Encaustic Medium Bagged 5Lb. This product is a necessary tool for encaustic painters, offering a range of benefits that will enhance your artistic process.

Purest Ingredients for Superior Results

The R&F Encaustic Medium is created from the purest pharmaceutical grade beeswax and dammar resin. These high-quality ingredients ensure that your encaustic paints have a smooth and consistent texture, allowing for precise control and application.

Use as Little or as Much as You Need

One of the unique features of this medium is that it comes in pellet form, allowing you to use as little or as much product as needed. This eliminates waste and gives you the flexibility to experiment with different ratios and techniques.

A Channel to Prolong Encaustic Paints

The R&F Encaustic Medium acts as a channel to prolong the life of your encaustic paints. By adding this medium to your paints, you can extend their working time, allowing for more intricate and detailed work.

Made in the USA

Support local craftsmanship with the R&F Encaustic Medium Bagged 5Lb. This product is proudly made in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards and supporting the local economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I mix the R&F Encaustic Medium with other brands of encaustic paints?
  2. Yes, the R&F Encaustic Medium is compatible with other brands of encaustic paints. However, we recommend conducting a small test before mixing large quantities to ensure compatibility.

  3. How do I melt the pellets?
  4. To melt the pellets, you can use a hot plate or a specialized encaustic palette. Simply place the pellets on the heated surface and wait for them to melt into a liquid form.

  5. Can I use the R&F Encaustic Medium for other art techniques?
  6. While the R&F Encaustic Medium is primarily designed for encaustic painting, it can also be used for other art techniques such as collage and mixed media. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit.


The R&F Encaustic Medium Bagged 5Lb is a must-have for encaustic painters. With its pure ingredients, precise control, and minimal waste, this medium will elevate your artistic practice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, the R&F Encaustic Medium is a reliable and versatile tool that will enhance your creative process.